About Us


Property Photography is the front line in today’s property marketing.

Founded in 2006, PVT London Ltd offers a flexible approach, professional delivery and expert visual advice – all to maximise your business potential. We photograph properties across London and provide visual solutions for businesses throughout the UK and internationally.


Among our wide range of services we provide expert outsource solutions to businesses such as web development, EPC and floor planning. With a team of specialists and cutting-edge equipment, we certainly make businesses to stand out from the crowd.


Some clients look to us to take responsibility for all aspects of their visuals, including day-to-day property photography and floor plan, HIP etc. Others see us as a supplementary resource, able to work with major architectural plans or development photography, and able to adjust our service-mix to suit their changing requirements.


Our dedication to get the best result has put us at the forefront of property photography companies. Here are just a few of the advantages we can deliver:

Superior Skills Matching

You always get the best person for the job. We do NOT outsource. This means all of our work is done in-house with expert professionals. We don’t send one person to do multiple jobs, but one professional for each job – making the time of the job more efficient and never compromising the quality of work.

Open Flexible Attitude

We like to listen. Our team always listen when you have something to say, good or bad, we hear it. That superior responsiveness is one of the key reasons our clients say they love working with PVT. You can be assured that all our PVT London staff are passionate about what they do.

Tailor To All Budget Requirements

Choose the right platform to suite any budget and requirements. One of our expert photographers will tailor a comprehensive photo shoot that is right for you. Benefit from varied services in package prices – saving you great deal of cost.

Saving You Hassle

We save the hassle of setting the appointment as we set up the appointment for you and chase vendors/tenants. Bookings can also be made as quick as next day!

Getting You Noticed!

Most importantly – enhance your marketing and get more responses from potential clients through our innovative photography, high-quality floor plans and EPC. We take pride in everything we do, so our standards are set high.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

24 hours turnaround for photography services and very accurate floor plans, following RICS standards. If you are unhappy with the result of our product we will do everything we can to improve it or credit you for that job – simple as that!

Visitors will make up their minds about the quality of your company within seconds. We can help you stand out and make an impression!